iGPSPORT iGS20E Rechargeable Bicycle GPS Computer

iGPSPORT iGS20E Rechargeable Bicycle GPS Computer

  • £65.40

As the combination of convenience and science beauty, it is wonderful companion for cyclist. The bright auto screen is large for clear data to provide a good view for cyclist; it is IPX6 waterproof so that you can ride with it in rainy day. The auto backlight is smart to turn on or off when sunrise or sunset. To monitor your riding fun instantly with this device, to track your speed, distance, calories burnt, etc.. 

Note: The unit of speed can not be from km/h to Mile/h or others units.


Display speed, average speed, max speed, time, distance, temperature and altitude, trip time, date, etc. in data instantly.

Upload the data to your computer and then to www.igpsport.com or www.strava.com for analysis. 

Automatically bright screen turn on/off when sunrise or sunset.

IPX6 water proof body allows for rainy day riding. 

Easy to install onto the handlebar with the mount and O-rings provided.

Note: The description “Recording: Flashing means pause, lighting up means recording” is misprinted. It should be altered to “Recording: Flashing means recording, lighting up means pause”. Please read the user manual carefully before operation.


SPD: Current speed

AVS: Average Speed 

DST: Trip Distance 

ALT: Altitude 

ODO: Odometer

MXS: Max Speed

TEM: Temperature

CAL: Calories


Trip Time



Model: iGS20E

Color: Black 

Material: PC + ABS

GPS: High sensitive GPS

Display: Dot-metric screen

Screen size: 30 * 38mm / 1.2 * 1.5in

Backlight: Auto

Temperature: -10~50℃

Antena: Built-in

Waterproof: IPX6

Memory: >90h data

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Working time: 25h (No Backlight)

Charging: Standard Micro USB

Barometric altimeter: Yes 

Computer dimension: 46 * 71 * 22mm / 1.8 * 2.8 * 0.9in

Package size: 152 * 110 * 30mm / 6.0 * 4.3 * 1.2in

Package weight: 153g / 5.4oz

Package List:

1 * iGS20E Computer 

1 * Micro USB Cable 

2 * Bike Mount 

4 * O-ring

1 * User Manual